May 27, 2013

Law is Dunyawi? I don’t think so.

Assalamualaikum. A lot of people get the wrong idea on the concept of ukhrawi and dunyawi. People, first of all, do you really have interest in knowing things like ukhrawi and dunyawi? Now everything will have its own share in both issues, like it or not. If you’re saying that things that results in a high amount of money, then we would probably saying that, being a doc is dunyawi. The same goes to being a prime minister, a businessman, an architect, an engineer so and so. You have to broaden your mind into a wider scale of intelligence. Now, if you intend to do things meant for your life HERE on earth, solely, that is dunyawi, but if you wish to do the same thing but in a way, you are viewing the stuff on both sides such as, when you gain the profit, you’ll spend it on your needs and then here comes the donation to the needy people. Bear in mind that the money you spend on your own self is also considered as ukhrawi, so long as you are not transgressing your own rights upon your belongings.

                Come back to discussing the issue whether or not law is dunyawi, it would all depends on how you perceive the law itself. Gentlemen, as I said before, that everything has its dunyawi and ukhrawi portion. It is you who resolute it in the first place, not the people. People will just observe and they would judge based on what they see. What you feel is important as you are the one who will be going through all those experienced being a law practitioner. So, here are some stories on law-ing that I managed to collect during my study as a law student. Now, being a law student, people will always have this mind setting which suggest that a law student is a social-ian. Well, partially true, in a way that they are socializing healthily with the society in completing their assignments etc. Somehow, you can’t deny that there are groups of law students mixing around freely without minding the gap between male and female.  You have to be careful and open when dealing with them, not to forget, law students always have some “backup” ideas. This ‘some’ groups of students also present in all courses, so you can’t say law is social in a ad way. HAHA!

                Everything is actually comes back to you, how you react to such things that matters. Ok, long saying isn’t worth if you don’t understand me right. Well, good luck. :)

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